The Sport Check oximeter continuously measures and displays oxygen, heart rate and perfusion. For each of the measures, the current value and the previous 30 seconds are displayed. Spot check is intended as a quick way to measure your oxygen levels whenever desired. Spot Checks are not recorded and therefore are not available for review.

The Sport Check charts show three measures:

  • Oxygen (O2): Shows oxygen levels
  • Heart Rate (HR): Shows heart rate 
  • Perfusion (PI): Shows perfusion

Periods where measure are unavailable appear as missing trend line sections and a -- for the current value. 

The bottom display shows your pulse signal. This is known as a PPG and is a good indicator of pulse quality. A good quality pulse signal is a regular saw tooth pattern. Motion and blood restrictions impact the pulse signal and may impact the pulse oximeter's ability to measure oxygen, heart rate and perfusion.