Sleep Score

The sleep score is a measure of sleep quality based on the duration and frequency of oxygen denaturation events. Every low oxygen event is scored based on severity and reduces your sleep score from a maximum score of 100. The sleep score calculation requires one hour or more sleep.


Charts show a summary chart of recorded sleep. Each chart shows a trend line and an average. Sleep details are available in the sleep dashboard. 

  • Oxygen - Percent of oxygen measured by the pulse oximeter 
  • Heart Rate - Heart rate measured by the pulse oximeter
  • Perfusion - Circulation strength measured by the pulse oximeter
  • Motion - Motion measured by your mobile device

Notes and Tags

Sleep notes and tags capture important details about your sleep. Tags are quick selections of common sleep position, sleep therapies, sleep symptoms and sleep influences. Select all that apply to your sleep. Notes is a space for any additional notes about your sleep. Use notes and tags to find patterns between daytime activities and sleep quality.