The Kenek Sleep app records your sleeping oxygen, heart rate, perfusion and motion with a pulse oximeter sensor and the built in sensors of your iPhone. 

Getting Ready

The pulse oximeter looks for good pulse quality before recording. You may see a message with instructions to improve measurement conditions. Recording begins once good pulse quality is confirmed.


Recording continues through your sleep. A timer indicates how long the sleep recording is. Sleep recording length are limited by your device's available storage and battery power. Most mobile devices are capable of recording a full 12-hours of sleep or more.  

If you get up from sleep and intend to return to sleep, remove your finger but do not stop recording. When you return to bed, replace your finger in the clip. The pulse oximeter will automatically detect your finger and resume recording. 


When your sleep is done, press Stop from the recording screen.



Shows your sleep results and lets you add important sleep information. See