Finger Placement

Insert a finger into the clip as shown in the image below. Choose a finger with no open wounds or nail bed bruising. Push your finger in until you feel the soft stop at the end of the soft clip. The outline of the finger nail on the top of the grey clip should align closely with your finger placement. 

Your finger should feel comfortable in the sensor and be grasped with just enough pressure so the sensor will not dislodge easily, yet still allows blood to circulate freely. People with large fingers may find it is more comfortable to use their smaller fingers. People with small fingers should prefer their larger fingers or even their thumb. Small fingers are more susceptible from moving away from the pulse oximeter lights, which impacts Kenek Sleep's ability to measure . 

Getting Up In The Night

If you need to get up in the night, leave the Kenek Sleep app recording and take your finger out of the clip. When you return to bed, put the sensor back on your finger.  The Kenek Sleep app will automatically sense your finger and resume recording. Press stop recording when you are all done sleeping. There will be one sleep recording for entire night, regardless of the number of times your  finger was removed from the finger clip. 

Pressing the stop recording button before you are done sleeping will result in two or more sleep recordings for the night.